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In some sailing areas, sailors and race organizers have been looking for objective ratings that can work in fleets of mixed designs on varied racecourses—windward-leeward, around-the-buoys, and around-the-islands. The Offshore Racing Association now offers ORR-EZ, which is largely based on a regularly updated velocity prediction program yet kept simple enough for organizers and race committees to apply it to low-key Wednesday night races, and it's catching on.

ORR-EZ is for those who believe that modern rating rules need to be based on a sophisticated algorithm to equalize a fleet of boats of varied designs successfully. The rule is a hybrid of the Velocity Prediction Program under-girding the Offshore Racing Rule, along with an observed performance component factor. It is also fully customizable for racecourse configuration, which is critical in fleets that have some boats that are faster upwind and down, and other boats that are faster reaching.

We think that using ORR-EZ certificates makes for a more pleasurable boating experience. At first the class breaks and ratings may seem a bit foreign to boats, especially those who are used to a single number PHRF system, but trust us, you will really love the ORR-EZ

Here is a link to apply for or to renew a current ORR-EZ Certificate.https://www.regattaman.com/certificate_page.php

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